Heat Deflector



Turn your Kamado or EGG into a convection oven! No accessory will add your culinary versatility quite like the BBQ-BITS Heat Deflector. The Heat Deflector works by providing a heat barrier between your charcoal and your food, which switches the Kamado/Egg from a direct (normal grilling) cooking mode to an indirect cooking mode which accommodates baking, roasting and slow cooking.
The three-legged design of the Plate Setter stimulates heat circulation around the Kamado, just like a convection oven, without exposing food to the direct heat of the fire burning below. There are two modes Legs down with our Baking Stone (in other listing) on top for pizzas, plancha cooking, baking. Legs up with a Stainless Steel Grid on top for roasting and slow-cooking.
If you want full versatility of cooking then the BBQ-BITS heat Deflector/plate setter is a must have accessory. 
18" - 37cm
21" - 46cm
23.5" - 52cm

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